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The coast of Eraclea Mare and its hinterland offers the opportunity to follow various itineraries on foot, by bicycle, on horseback and by boat, to discover the typical environment of the area which is still partly unspoiled.

Eraclea Mare

Eraclea is a seaside resort located on the coast of the Adriatic, really unique and precious as a jewel, earning the nickname “Green Pearl”.

In fact, it differs from other neighboring marine locations because, in addition to offering a beautiful sea and a wide sandy beach, is characterized by a large and lush pine forest coupled directly to the beach.

You can spend the hottest moments of the day away from the heat, devoting leisure or relaxation, breathing the fresh sea air mixed with the scent of pine resin.

Eraclea Mare is the ideal place for those seeking tranquility, peace and for those who want to get away from the chaos of the city, but above all it is the place par excellence for families and for lovers of nature that still dominates the territory.

The Laguna del Mort

You then walk or cycle along a beaten path in the shade of a thick pinewood till the mouth of the river Piave.

You can watch local fauna from special birdwatching huts.

River Piave

Following the Revedoli canal in the opposite direction you get to a boat bridge leading to the River Piave. Going upriver along its right bank you see a typical river landscape with its large balanced fishing nets, manoeuvred from inside small fishing cabins.

From that same boat bridge, turn left and you get to Cortellazzo with its small tourist and fishing port and, around the Cavetta gates, the canal joining the Piave and Sila rivers.

The litoranea Veneta

Several cruising itineraries leave from the Eraclea Mare, Torre di Fine and Brian Docks.
These offer visitors environment-landscape views and historical-artistic ones of great interest.

The Litoranea Veneta is a water route linking a thick network of rivers and canals parallel to the Adriatic coast.
These internal waterways were the main arteries for the Serenissima’s commercial traffic.

You can still go to Trieste from the Po Delta along river routes.

Going up the Livenza you get to Motta di Livenza.
Then along the rivers Meduna and Noncello to Portobuffolè and Pordenone.

The pinewood
The lush pinewood is an ideal spot to relax and walk in, or cycle along its several paths away from the summer heat.
Aerobics fans can use a gym trail available along the stretch between Via Marinella – Via della Pineta – Via delle Rose.
Venezia and the Murano, Burano and Torcello islands

Eraclea Mare is an ideal starting point for a visit to Venice.

Easy connections to Venice, the Lagoon islands and the Veneto art cities.
The shortest route is “Jesolo – Punta Sabbioni” (15 km from us) where you can park your car and take a ship to Piazza San Marco in Venice every half an hour.

You can also visit the Burano, Murano and Torcello islands, real jewels of the Republic of Venice; that splendid city that has remained in tact for 1000 years.


An enchanting town on the Veneto plain, situated approximately 15 km South-West of the right bank of the Piave, Treviso still preserves its genteel, reserved character where well known and often visited places hide smaller street, alleys, canals and fortresses, which preserve the fascination of a town rich in history. Pay a visit to its three hills: the cathedral, Piazza dei Signori and Piazza Sant’Andrea, on which the city was supposedly built.

The Ca dei Carraresi palace in Treviso periodically hosts world renowned exhibitions.

Also be sure to try the famous radicchio trevigiano (chicory) accompanied by a glass of excellent local Prosecco. Saturday Morning Market at Piazza del Grano


Verona is situated on the Adige River, about thirty kilometres East of Lake Garda. The Basilica di San Zeno in Verona is considered one of Italy’s Romanesque masterpieces.

Why not visit the famous Arena, the most important open air opera stage in the world. Visit “Romeo and Juliet’s balcony”, the inspiration for Shakespeare’s famous tragedy and try Verona’s famous Pandoro, a typical Christmas cake that is now known worldwide.

Percorsi ciclabili

Between the coast, lagoons, waterways and major rivers (the Sile, the Piave, the Livenza, Lemene and Tagliamento), from the coast to the hinterland, are so many cycling routes that you can discover the Oriental Venice, following those very ancient trade routes and communication of the past.

Cycling can in fact deal with different itineraries, perfect for those who love the outdoors closely with the charm of nature and traditions, without giving up the comforts of the local transport services of water and land.

From the coasts of Cavallino, Jesolo, Eraclea, Caorle and Bibione so you can reach the many attractions of the coast and – following the course of the Venetian coastline – you can get to the lagoons and the beautiful protected natural areas: the Laguna North of Venice, the Laguna del Mort and the pine forest of Eraclea, the lagoon of Caorle, Vallevecchia, the lagoon and the pine forest of Bibione.

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